About me

A little bit about me…

After studying for four years at the University of Gloucestershire I am now a Public Relations graduate. I quickly decided that I was finished with full-time education and felt ready to take on a career and put my own stamp on the world.

After months of job applications, endless telephone calls, emails and rejections I am now working as a Marketing and Web Executive within an Area Tourism Partnership that is close to my heart. My previous experience, working for Bournemouth Tourism as a PR Support Officer, put me in good stead and the experience and responsibility that came with the role has landed me the perfect graduate job.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy all things social media and Public Relations. I hope you find my blog somewhat interesting and engaging. I’ll apologise now if I fall behind in posting… no longer being a student means my time is not to freely available as it once was!

When I’m not working…

More than anything, my time is spent with my amazing family. My big family take up the majority of my free time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Or course I somehow make time for gym and the odd catch up with friends.
If I’m not with my family or at work then I am probably online – Twittering or Pinning somewhere!


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