Making the decision to go to university and study Public Relations was not a decision I made easily. I knew I always wanted to do something different to my friends and siblings, but I also knew that going to university meant leaving my family. Now, nearly four years later I am having to consider the possibility of moving home and become dependent on my parents for housing, food and possibly employment.

In a little over a week I will be submitting 10,000 words of blood sweat and tears, or rather – paper cuts, sore eyes and aching fingers in the form of a dissertation. When I embarked on my first year of my degree, putting together a dissertation seemed like a million years away and now here I am proof reading and binding ready to say goodbye to my days in full-time education. No more deadlines for assignments and group tasks, no more endless hours spent in the library and definitely no more library fines.

Instead my focus has switched to scouring the internet for job prospects, editing my CV for countless differences in job descriptions and writing carefully tailored covering letters in a bid to get on the PR career ladder. The process has, at times, been sole destroying and every rejection email stings and bites right where it hurts. But, alas I continue on as I am determined to prove to myself that four years of studying, hard-work and a placement year of throwing myself in at the deep-end and then some has all been worth the time, money and emotion.

Of course, the experience is something to take away in itself. But as someone who has always been focused on the future and building a career, making decisions early and putting in the hard work is my way of ensuring I achieve my life goals. Yes I have made some amazing friends and my placement year was a fantastic 15 months of drama, thinking on my feet and getting the opportunity to really shine. Now I want to continue on that path and make some kind of dent in PR, big or small, and achieve all the things I set out to four years ago.