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Public relations has spread a lot further than press release writing and distribution and now, more than ever, the internet is demanding more content and users want more variety and experiences. Creating mobile applications, videos to post on social networks, QR codes, social networking apps and the next big technology stunt you need to know how to go about turning these ideas into reality.
If you are like me and not particularly technology savvy you may need some assistance. Here’s some suggestions to help you find the right person or company to get your ideas off the ground…

QR code generators can be found quite easily online. A simple search and you are presented with several free options. Try quikqr.com for generating simple QR codes without the hassle of signing up and entering endless details.

To create applications for an Apple device i.e. iPhone, iPad and mac, Apple have their own Apple Developer software to enable you to do this. I would recommend taking some time to understand what this software is all about first or get someone in the know to help out. From what I have found it costs around $99 for a years subscription per programme. There are different programmes for creating an iOS app or Mac OS X app.

Another consideration with using Apple’s software is that this won’t cover Android so you may need to find alternative software or choose a company that will do the hard work for you and create an app for both platforms. While I was working for Bournemouth Tourism we created two mobile phone applications and used an external company on both occasions. One company provided our website and did all the work for us – Newmind (who are tourism focused). The other company worked with us to create an app for an event which allowed me to update the content using a CMS – Tinderhouse. I would recommend looking for a company that works well for you and your requirements, make sure you consider cost and find out what information you need to provide, timescales and approval stages – Apple will need to approve the app before it goes live.

To create video content and edit it to ensure it looks high quality and professional I would check out universities and colleges. Many higher education courses that centre around film production and editing will be happy for the students to get out and create video footage based on a brief. Students are cheap and the experience will look great for them providing you give them a great reference.

Alternatively using external help can be just as beneficial, here are just some of the companies I have had a look at before putting this post together…
Web videos
Skeleton productions
These all come with a cost, of course, so be sure to consider that before agreeing to anything. As mentioned before, I would spend sometime looking into these companies and finding one that suits the budget and brief. I.E. if you want to create a flash-mob viral video, find a company that has experience in shooting and editing these kinds of films.