You’ve saturated Facebook and your Twitter account is buzzing daily but now you need to step up your game. Instablogging is a term used to explain the latest social media channels like pinterest, instagram and tumblr. These social networking sites are spreading far and wide and with their instant publishing tools users are flocking to sign up and follow their favourite brands. With mobile phone applications to match, users no longer need to sit in front of a computer and type out wordy blog posts; these sites allow pinning and snap shot content in order to tell a story that suits the users individuality or a brand’s identity. These sites are now making blogging easy meaning more people want to sign up and start contributing. The variety of social media channels has never been so great and understanding how they work and what benefit they can have for you will allow brands to make the most of their instant features and captive audience.

Tumblr is fast paced, varied, expressive and accessible. With blogging seen as a time consuming hobby to many, Tumblr is a whole new form of blogging. It requires little time and attention and users can drop in and out on their mobile devices by posting an image, quote, question or a small snippet of text. Brands need to wake up to the attention Tumblr is attracting. This stylish social network allows brands to create a whole identity whilst engaging with stakeholders and building loyal consumers. Once a well-thought out Tumblr account has been created brands can expect re-blogs from followers and interaction through questions and conversation features.

With more than five million users and growing, Instagram’s photo filters means even the most amateur photographers can create edgy creative images.  Not only does instagram offer a fun and stylish snap shot into the ‘day in a life’ of celebrities, brands and general users but its ability to link with Facebook and Twitter makes it even more appealing. By posting photographs to the instagram network and linking it to Facebook and Twitter the share-ability of instagram makes it easy to communicate with stakeholders with a simple photo rather than a written message or comment. Fashion bloggers and fashion houses are quickly seeing the potential in instagram and using it to create ‘look book’ style galleries.

Pinterest is just reaching the UK shores, but is no stranger to the US. Pinterest features around a pin board idea. Users can install a simple bookmark feature and pin images, from across the web, directly to their designated mood/pin boards. This aesthetically pleasing site provides users with the ability to select categories of interest from food and drink to health and fitness. Brands are quickly signing up and creating pin boards that best reflect their products/services.
Users can follow brands and others just like Facebook and Twitter but with instant pinning and re-pinning brands can see their ‘conversation’ being passed on from one user to another.

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