What is ‘the media’? Traditionally, when we think of media we pictured newspapers, television, radio and printed publications. However, what about all those channels across the internet? Websites, social networks, live feeds, blogs, wikis and so on.
The list of media available for PRs to use is almost endless, something new crops up almost daily, but the question here is who is listening? Can you really use Facebook to communicate a message to a new mum? Can you place an advertorial in a niche hobbyist magazine to communicate with a teenage boy? Put simply… no.

Just because the media encompasses so many channels for communication doesn’t mean we need to use them all at once in order to reach our publics. In fact choosing the right channels is key to making sure your message gets heard.
Take a look at the example below. Once you have a message to promote, you can then identify the key publics and finally look into which communications channels they are using. Creating a strong and targeted approach to message dissemination.

Understanding the communications channels and who is using them is no different to traditional message dissemination. Once you have identified the publics you always need to consider which media they are consuming, the difference now is that there is a lot more to choose from and that list is growing. The more specific you can be in identifying the right channels, the better chance you have of your message being heard. For example; you may identify Facebook as a key channel for your campaign, but what about those channels that sit within it in the form of apps or the variations in pages? Will you create a business page, fan page or group? Are you going to create your own app that allows people to interact with a game? This also applys to the platforms/devices your publics are using. Is everyone using a mobile phone to access the internet are read the Metro online? Or are others buying the newspaper from the local shop? Asking yourself these questions can only result in a more tailored campaign and successful communication to publics – providing the channels are the right channels of course!