Last week my lecturer raised a discussion about creative thinking, leaving me wondering whether ideas can be original.
Personally I don’t see how creative thinking and brainstorming can produce a completely original idea. The way I see it, is that ideas steam from other ideas and in a brainstorming situation… other people’s ideas cultivate together to produce something great. Is that a completely original idea.
There is no doubt that the creative thinking can be impressive and successful, but if we open it up I bet it is possible to relate the idea to something that has already been created.

While working for Bournemouth Tourism, last year, my office carried out a ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ afternoon. This was basically a brainstorming session with people across the tourism industry to build marketing ideas to promote the town. The ideas that came out of that could be related to something that has already be done.
In the end, the PR team and myself led on the idea of a touring beach hut. This was a mocked up beach hut that was built to scale and taken to three shopping centres across the UK. This is not an original idea. We see pop stands and exhibitions all over UK shopping centres so this suggestion had steamed from seeing these beforehand. The mocked up beach hut had come from a previous idea about placing a beach in central London (again I am not sure that is even an original idea).

Call me cynical but until I come across that original idea, I’m going to say no idea is completely original…I’ll let you know if this changes!