Advertising – a form of communication used to persuade an audience. 

Advertising is everywhere. Every time you turn your head, chances are your going to be smacked with some form of advertisement whether it is on television or plastered across the side of a building. But… what is its purpose? Are you more tempted to run to the shop and buy that particular washing powder?

Recently I read a book that claimed the credibility of advertising is dead. I’m not sure I agree with this statement.
Although I wouldn’t choose advertising as my primary platform for disseminating a message to a particular audience, I think there is a place for it.

Advertising can be fun, creative and entertaining. Recent television ads have done a fantastic job at getting us talking. Look at Cadbury’s drumming gorilla advert. Perhaps this was the catalyst that made consumers take notice of adverts again. Before this iconic advert many of us just thought of adverts as an inconvenience (and a lot of the time they are). However, ad agencies are clearly thinking of new ways to get your attention and with brands paying top whack to feature during the commercial break of X-Factor, those adverts had better be pretty impressive in order to stop the audience changing the channel for four minutes.

What is my point in all this? Advertising can have an impact and although I don’t think it always easy to see the results, I think advertising does play a great role in reinforcing a brand and putting it back the consumers mind. Just the other week YeoValley was trending on Twitter because of its singing farmer advert. Was this the result the brand wanted to achieve? Maybe… Did you go out and buy YeoValley milk and yoghurt? I didn’t…

Take a look at these memorable adverts…

Cadbury Gorilla Ad

YeoValley Farmers